Administrative Services:

UOS supports companies around the globe to outsource Non-voice process, E-commerce, Internet Researches, Online and Offline data entry, Data Processing and supports Web Development- which helps the companies to stay updated. We are dedicated to handover the best quality products and services in time to our clients.

Data Processing:

  Data Entry
  Data Conversion
  Data Encoding
  E-commerce Product/Catalog maintenance
  Bulk Mailing
  Image and Form Processing
  Mailing List Development
  Copy / pasting, editing, indexing sorting data
  Survey form entry
  Indexing/Hyper linking
  Proof Reading
  Form Filling
  Claims processing
  Creating Reports & Dashboards

Web Research:

  Basic Web Research
  Business Analysis Research
  Personal Research
  Keyword Research
  Market Research
  Website Content Research
  URL Verification
  Contacts Information Gathering
  Mailing List Development
  Website Content Research

Data Conversion::

 High volume any format data to PDF/Image/ others to MS Word/ CSV/ Excel/ others

Content Management:

 Content Management services such as uploading content to websites & blogs.
 Customer support services

Support Services:

  Telephone Handling.
  Customer Service
  Email Handling
 Chats Handling

Phone Supports:

  Call Center.
  Inbound / incoming
  Outbound / outgoing
  Appointment Setting
  Order Taking
  Customer Service
  Answering Service
  General Information
  Market Research Surveys
  Opinion Surveys
  3rd Party Verification
  Troubleshooting For Products And Services
  Insurance And Employment Verification
  Virtual Office Service
  Inquiry Service
  All other calling / phone support services.